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Expert Services

We as AREA Occupier Solutions draw on wide business experience and act exclusively dedicated to tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate. We’re seasoned professionals and provide unbiased advice integrating new trends in workplace strategy and in-depth real estate expertise. Count on us to achieve your operational objectives. We’re there to optimize the life cycle of your work environment from the perspective of added value for employees, work processes and not the least your business.

Our services include:

Tenant Representation

We have a long track record throughout The Netherlands. Known as experts we define and document current and future facility locations and space requirements. The focus is on finding a solution that fits your specific business needs and corporate strategy. Our advice is always free from conflicts of interest and unbiased.

Strategic Consulting

The increasing demand to be flexible and agile drives clients. Technology is enabling them to change how, where and when they work. We simplify complicated issues and clarify needs. After evaluating use of space we ensure they’re in the right environment to optimize productivity and meet the evolving needs.

Project Management

Our commitment is simple: “We deliver what we promise!”. The key to this is properly specifying the scope of the project and oversee the work from start to finish. From assessing technical suitability and comparing the fit-out and occupancy costs. We ensure to deliver a high-quality fit-out that’s on time and on budget.


For an impression of recent projects please check out the portfolio page.

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Global Reach

AREA Occupier Solutions is a proud member of the Tenant Rep International Partners (TRIP).


TRIP is an organization of highly experienced Real Estate Professionals specializing in tenant representation. All TRIP members share the same ideology. TRIP is one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to representing corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate in major markets across the globe. Being part of TRIP gives us as AREA Occupier Solutions the opportunity to service our clients all over the world. We all act confict-free with the same high level of service. While recent consolidation in the commercial real estate brokerage industry has created slow moving organizations, TRIP continues to assemble a nimble team of independent and unbiased advisory firms.

Objective and non-conflicted advice

AREA Occupier Solutions is an independent advisory firm in the Dutch Real Estate market, strictly dedicated to tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate, committed to a 100% “conflict-free” business model. We create, deliver and manage effective and supportive real estate solutions.

Fred-Anton Knoop

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Berry de Leijster

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Stephan Buis

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Mission statement:

Our mission statement is to provide our clients with the most complete, unbiased real estate information and the most effective and efficient systems in business real estate, combining international reach with local expertise to obtain the best possible space at the best possible terms.

Acting always in the best interest of our clients. We’ll monitor real estate situations and make recommendations to guarantee success and allow for further growth.

Our Values:


We apply our expertise and knowledge to provide innovative solutions for our clients.


We protect our client’s interests, data and reputation through a strong ethical culture.


Service orientated instead of transaction orientated. We want to support our clients during the whole lifecycle of their work facilities.

Thinking long term

The easiest way to cultivate long term thinking is to be able to let our clients see clearly how they will benefit from being where they want to be in the long term. That’s to guide our actions in the present.

We promise:





“The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn & just a matter of seconds to lose”

Winston Churchill


Wide range of expertise

We offer a wide range of services to tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate. Across all specialisms, our advice is free from the conflicts of interest that occur when parties act for both landlords and tenants. Key is finding the optimal solution for our clients and putting them one step ahead of the game when facing a project involving real estate.

Tenant Representation


  • Stay or leave analysis
  • Site selection
  • Lease renewal and renegotiation
  • Service costs analysis
  • Lease vs buy analysis
  • Sale & Leaseback

Strategic Consulting


  • Corporate Real Estate Strategy
  • Healthy Office
  • Cost and space benchmarking
  • Occupancy analysis
  • Alternative workplace strategy
  • Portfolio masterplanning

Project Management


  • Programming (new or refurbishment)
  • Cost estimation + budget management
  • Selection design-team
  • Procurement
  • Build to suit
  • Relocation management


Just some facts. As the tenant-only approach in The Netherlands is quite new to tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate the traditional brokers still dominate the marketplace. The power on the demand side is increasing and looking for more cost effective solutions. We’re dedicated to representing you and ready to ‘rock & roll’.

49 500 000 sqm

Total Dutch office market

> 22 %

Office vacancy rate

9 200 Euro

Total Occupancy Costs per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

> 20%

Average savings by AREA-OS

Advisory Board

Since the very beginning of AREA Occupier Solutions, we can bank on the experience of a diversified group of relations which is helping in suggestions, consulting, network and ideas. On September 7th 2017 our formal Advisory Board was formed. We value the Advisory Board as a true strategic strength of our business and a pillar to fulfill our business objectives. Our Advisory Board comprises an network of influential experts who have agreed to give our business meaningful assistance on a regular basis in a variety of areas including strategy, organizational development and outreach.

Profile of Advisory Board coming soon.


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